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Franchise Process

9 Easy Steps to Buying a Franchise

Interested in the steps to buying a franchise with Joshua Tree Experts? We’ve got you covered. Joshua Tree Experts has made our franchise process as seamless and straightforward as possible.

1. Initial Contact

This is where it all starts! Your first step in the franchise process is to fill out our online inquiry form. All we need to know is your name, contact information, and why you’re interested in becoming a part of the Joshua Tree Experts franchise family.

2. Introductory Call

Our first step will be to schedule an introductory call. During this call, we’ll learn more about your goals and interests, then use that information to mutually determine whether Joshua Tree Experts is a good fit.

3. Review FDD  and Territory Mapping

If we’ve decided to move forward with the franchise process, we’ll go over your financial information, discuss potential territories, and provide you with a copy of our franchise disclosure document, or FDD. The FDD contains a lot of important information, and it’s crucial that you review it carefully. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions – we want you to make an informed choice.

4. Confirmation Day

Before franchise agreements are awarded, we invite you to our headquarters for confirmation day! Our entire franchise team, as well as our preferred vendors, will be on hand to meet with you. During confirmation day, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our leadership team, visit a job site, and tour our facility.

5. Sign Franchise Agreement

It’s official! Once we’ve executed your franchise agreement, you’re a Joshua Tree Experts franchise owner.

6. Welcome Call

During the welcome call, you’ll receive further information about the next steps in your franchising journey, including training. Don’t worry, we won’t overload you – there will be weekly onboarding calls for the next few weeks as well.

7. Training Week

Before you begin working on your grand opening plans, you’ll spend a week with us in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley for training. Our owners don’t work in the field, so we will not be training you on our services. Instead, you’ll receive 68 hours of on-the-job and classroom training in everything you’ll need to know as a Joshua Tree Experts franchise owner, including sales, marketing, operations, and admin.

8. Marketing and Operations Launch

For one week prior to your grand opening, members of our leadership team and our Green Team will be onsite to train your crew members and provide business support as you prepare to launch. During this time, our marketing team will also be helping you start up the marketing campaign for your grand opening. We’ll provide the marketing assistance you need to spread the word far and wide! 

9. Grand Opening

Time to get started! Throughout the life of your franchise, you’ll receive continued training and ongoing support from us. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have the resources you need to help your business bloom.

Learn More Today

Experience our franchise process firsthand. To get started on the road to Joshua Tree Experts franchise ownership, fill out our online form today. A member of our franchising team will be in touch shortly with more information.

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Your Next Steps



Request a meeting by submitting this online form.


Meet virtually to determine your goals. Allow us to inform you about the Joshua Tree Experts story and answer any questions.


Following the review and signing of the FDD, we will enter a Confirmation Day with a face-to-face meeting at the Joshua Tree Experts headquarters to explore the tree care industry workflow.


Onboarding will begin at our headquarters for setup and training to run your new business!

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