4 Reasons Owner-Operator Franchise Ownership Is Right for You

There are different ways to own a business, and within franchising, there are also different kinds of franchise ownership. One of those is an owner-operator franchise, where the owner of the franchise is also the person (or one of the people) who works in the franchise.

Many of our franchise owners at Joshua Tree Service are owner-operators. It’s an ownership model that works well for our business model, and at the same time, it can also be a step in moving into a larger, more expansive business. It’s a flexible option and one that has several benefits.

An Opportunity Like No Other

Here are the four reasons we think you’ll enjoy being an owner-operator in a franchise:

1. Full Control of the Business

One of the aspects of an owner-operator franchise that attracts many business owners is that you are in complete control of the business. Having control over your work life is something that often appeals to people about entrepreneurship, and this type of franchise delivers. This is really a great model for first- time franchise owners because it allows you to dive into the brand, the business model, and how to lead your team. Even if you’re coming to the franchise from having owned a different type of business, the support you’ll experience in franchising will give you a different experience.

2. An Immediate Role 

For someone transitioning to become a business owner, the owner-operator franchise is the most common type of franchise ownership. One of the reasons is that as the owner, you step into an immediate role in the business, which also comes with a paycheck!

Most of the franchise owners at Joshua Tree Experts are owner-operators because they enjoy the work and want to be involved directly as new business owners. In addition to the training program a franchise provides, being able to do the work yourself will elevate how you learn and see opportunities that become available.

3. Financial Benefits

When you own and operate the franchise, you have a key financial benefit: not having to hire a manager. You take on the role of managing the franchise in addition to working in it, and this cost savings can make a great impact on your bottom line. As the business advances, your role may change, but your experience as an owner-operator franchisee will serve you well:

  • Transition to owner-only: If you decide to step back from the daily operations work, you’ll know exactly how to recruit for your replacement, which will make the transition into the owner-only role easier to achieve.

  • Transition to multi-unit owner: You may decide to grow your business portfolio with additional franchise units in the future, which will require you to hire a manager. Your experience operating and managing the business will be such a benefit as you expand.

4. Best View of Opportunities

Nothing beats being involved in a business in operation from the ground level, and that means being an owner-operator. When you’re involved in all aspects of the business, you have a unique perspective to recognize opportunities.

As an example, in our business, when you visit someone’s home, you see the common issues they’re faced with when it comes to lawn care or trees that need to be removed to increase home safety and enhance landscaping. That can turn into a way to talk with customers about how you can improve their backyards.

Joshua Tree Experts: A Rewarding Owner-Operator Franchise

Our franchisees enjoy three revenue streams in this business: tree care, lawn and plant care, and pest control. We also serve three types of customers – residential homeowners, commercial property owners and municipalities with parks and open spaces.

We have a great culture here at Joshua Tree Experts, and that was one of the reasons we wanted to offer franchise opportunities. Our goal is for people to have a great experience owning a business, and that’s not just in the work you do, but also through financial reward. Our tree service franchise has recorded $7.1 million in corporate gross sales, and you can see that in our franchise disclosure document.

You can also be confident in the team that is behind you in this business. We are here for you to support you in this franchise. We’d love to tell you more about that.

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