Why Joshua Tree Experts Is a Great Franchise Fit for Veterans

Franchising has traditionally been a great choice for veterans transitioning back into civilian life. It offers them a proven system to follow, built-in community to tap into, flexible work-life balance to enjoy and way to leverage the leadership skills they learned in the service to achieve a new goal. And Joshua Tree Experts, the home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services, is a concept particularly primed for veteran franchise ownership. Here’s why. 

A Team with Skin in the Game

To start, the Joshua Tree leadership team has first-hand military experience. Joshua Tree’s Director of Franchise Development Dylan DeGroat, for example, is a former child services social worker, police officer and active member of the U.S. Army National Guard. 

DeGroat first joined the military in 2012, serving for four years and engaging in ROTC. After graduating from Ball State University in 2015 with a criminal justice degree, he became an officer. He led a logistics company platoon and later specialized in aviation as an executive officer. While in Indiana, he also served as a police officer. In 2020, he was deployed to the Middle East, managing aviation fueling operations until returning to the U.S. in 2021.

Post 10-year military service, a family tragedy led DeGroat back to Pennsylvania. Seeking employment, he contacted his uncle, Joshua Malik, the CEO of Joshua Tree Experts, and began working in lawn care. Now, DeGroat spends his days serving veteran franchisees, mirroring the values and dedication from his military tenure in his current role.

“Structure is something that makes veterans great franchisees,” said DeGroat. “They are also trained in executing a process, are goal-oriented, have a sense of leadership and can easily adapt to the business model.”  

DeGroat mentions that Joshua Tree Experts showcases a level of patience and adaptability in dealing with veterans like him, a trait that may not be as prevalent in other brands. The firm is cognizant of the fact that timelines might be unpredictable and the road ahead may not always follow a clear cut path. 

How Joshua Tree Experts Positions Veteran Franchisees for Success

Joshua Tree Experts' model enables franchisees to seize a bigger market share compared to typical tree care franchises by incorporating pest and lawn care services. This multi-service approach facilitates more repeat business from a single client base, often boosting revenue. Moreover, the brand encourages franchisees to own the necessary land and equipment, which accelerates scaling and helps build generational wealth.

And for veteran entrepreneurs specifically, Joshua Tree understands the unique challenges that come with transitioning out of the military. That is why the team welcomes incoming franchisees with a robust training program that not only taps into veterans’ existing skill-sets, but also provides them with a supportive place to learn new ones. 

“Joshua Tree is similar to the military in its own unique ways: We have our own chain of command and we have standard operating procedures that we use to train new people,” said DeGroat. “Our set standards also make it simple to look up how something is supposed to be and take the guesswork out of it.”

An Inspiring and Family-Driven Success Story

Seth and Caleb Hill are a father-and-son, military-family duo that recently signed on as first-time franchisees with Joshua Tree Experts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

While serving in the Army overseas in Iraq, Caleb came across the concept of Joshua Tree Experts through his friendship with DeGroat. Caleb and Seth had been toying with the idea of kick starting their own venture, yet they were having difficulty finding the right starting point. Crossing paths with Joshua Tree Experts shed light on the right avenue for them, enabling them to make a meaningful difference while laying the foundations of a multi-generational business.

“I never really looked into franchising before my conversation with Dylan,” said Caleb. “I didn’t know the specifics of the industry at all. Of course, we still have a lot to learn, but I believe it’s important to surround yourself with people who are smarter and more experienced than you, that way you can learn from their mistakes. One of the reasons we picked the brand was because of the outstanding team behind it. The folks from Joshua Tree Experts are not just experts in their field but are also leaders in their community. They are role models that we can admire.”

Now, leveraging the backing of Joshua Tree’s proven and supportive business model, the Hills see this venture as a game-changer for their entire family. 

“Business ownership isn’t a tradition in our family, so it’s a personal goal of mine to use this opportunity to enhance our financial literacy and attain greater financial freedom,” said Caleb. “It’s not just about the money; it’s about having the autonomy to live life on our own terms and assist others in doing the same.”

Why Now Is the Time to Join Joshua Tree Experts

Looking ahead, Joshua Tree Experts is hoping to build on its recent momentum to usher in a new era of growth for the brand, targeting prime markets like Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey and North Carolina for additional expansion. 

For veteran entrepreneurs looking to follow a similar path to the Hills, Joshua Tree Experts is offering a 10% discount — or $4,950 off — the standard franchise fee of $49,500. In total, the startup costs for a Joshua Tree Experts franchise range from $196,760 to $303,091.

“I believe we can set a positive example and inspire others to explore similar paths,” said Caleb. “When I look at people in my generation, I see many who are hesitant to venture into business for themselves. I get it. It can be scary. But I hope I can be an example that shows it’s not only possible but doable. My aim is to encourage my friends, younger siblings and the next generation to take that leap and find their own success.”

For more information on franchising with Joshua Tree Experts, visit: https://www.treecarefranchising.com/

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