Turf Magazine: Q&A with Joshua Tree Experts Founder & CEO Joshua Malik

Joshua Malik, the founder and CEO of Joshua Tree Experts, the tree care, lawn care and pest control franchise, was recently featured on Turf Magazine’s The Yardstick Q&A series, where entrepreneurs share their timeline of accomplishments. 

Before launching his own venture in 2005, Malik says he spent over 13 years gathering valuable tree care industry experience across various roles, from a field technician to a manager.

“During the years leading up to the launch, I had a really good job so I was able to save some money,” said Malik. “I actually purchased all my equipment before I even launched my business. I started it from my home office and a three-car garage out of my residence. I was 30 years old at the time. I didn’t take any funding from anybody, and I learned from trial and error.”

Today, Joshua Tree Experts excels in tree care, lawn care and pest control, boasting a client base of around 9,000, two locations and 70 employees. A significant aspect of its success is the recurring revenue, which constitutes 60% of its earnings, demonstrating a strong emphasis on sustainable and repeatable services.

“One of the things we do really well is that we follow and adopt one business system,” said Malik. “That business system really helped us define our niche and our core focus. It has helped us put a plan together and has helped us as a team to create the vision for the company.”

The company's distinct approach, encapsulated in its “three uniques” — experience, education and ease — sets it apart from competitors. This philosophy extends to their customer service, where they prioritize educating clients and making their interactions seamless and efficient.

Looking ahead, Malik aims to expand through franchising, with a goal to complete a million services over the next decade across both corporate and franchised locations.

“A lot of entrepreneurs think about entrepreneurship for many years — they have a lot of fear,” said Malik. “But start sooner, rather than later. You have to get over those fears to launch a business, and you have to be risky to be successful.”

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