How Much Do Lawn Care Business Owners Make?

How Much Do Lawn Care Business Owners Make?

Lawn care businesses have been around for generations, from the tween mowing lawns for summer spending money to multi-million dollar franchises that look after properties across the U.S. According to Mordor Intelligence, the U.S. lawn care market is estimated at $58.69 billion (2024), and lawn care industry growth is anticipated to reach $75.71 billion by 2029. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 5.2%.

Joshua Tree Experts is a franchise that offers lawn care services, but we also offer additional revenue streams to build a more profitable business. While there are businesses focused solely on lawn care services, our business model comprises a property care package that is competitive in the lawn care market as well as in the provision of other services.

If you’re looking to enter this industry, and you’re curious about how much lawn care business owners make, we have some information to help answer that question.

Lawn Care Industry Factors

Is lawn care a good business to start? Yes, and in our experience, it’s a better business to start when you have additional services to offer. Lawn care is a seasonal business in most areas of the country. A landscaping article in This Old House noted that Florida has the highest number of landscaping businesses of any state, so seasonality plays a role.

Multiple Revenue Streams

One of the factors that comes into play with how much lawn care business owners make is staffing costs. If you can train an employee to do more than just lawn care, you can maximize their input to the business, which can show up positively in your bottom line.

At Joshua Tree, our employees are trained in tree care, plant care, pest control, and tree services, which allows us to offer our customers more assistance and generate positive returns in the business. This also means we’re more than a lawn care franchise.

Average Income for Lawn Care Businesses

Determining how much lawn care business owners make involves two key areas: the property and the package of services.

For the property, factors that impact cost include: 

  • The size of the yard

  • Type(s) of grass to be maintained

  • The current condition of the yard and if there are areas requiring more care

  • The time it takes to perform the service 

When it comes to your package of services, they can include:

  • Aeration

  • Dethatching, mulching, and leaf removal

  • Fertilization, seeding, installing sod

  • Landscaping and gardening

  • Winterization and yard clean-up

  • Installing and maintaining sprinkler systems 

When you decide what services are included in your lawn care packages, you’re in a better position to put a price on the services and consider discounts for referrals, frequency, etc.

Is a lawn care business profitable? It can be if you know your local lawn care market, you’re maximizing your staffing costs, and you have a solid marketing plan to attract and retain customers. This is where Joshua Tree Experts might be the best avenue to consider for launching your lawn care business.

Franchising with Joshua Tree Experts

The Joshua Tree Experts franchise offers tree maintenance and care, plant health care, lawn care, pest control, and related services and products. We are a $7 million business (2023 FDD), we offer two options for starting your franchise, and you can operate from home or a commercial space.

When you join the franchise, you also get a full business operations package that includes how to set up the business, the programs and the software you need to maintain your customer accounts and invoicing, a full marketing schedule and team, and a supportive network of others who are in the same business.

Most importantly, you have someone who has your back as you launch and grow your business. We stay current on industry information, new product and service opportunities, human resources, and marketing best practices. You focus solely on running the business.

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