Joshua Tree Experts Welcomes Melissa Napolitano as New Director of Marketing

Joshua Tree Experts, the tree care, lawn care and pest control franchise, proudly announces the addition of Melissa Napolitano as its new Director of Marketing. With a rich background in commercial real estate marketing and a passion for the outdoors, Napolitano is set to steer Joshua Tree's franchising endeavors to new heights.

A Rich Tapestry of Experience and Expertise

Napolitano's journey in marketing spans over 20 years. “I began my marketing career as a community outreach manager at Wildlands Conservancy right out of college,” she said. “Part of my role was coordinating fundraising events, and I even had the chance of running the Lehigh River Sojourn, which was a multi-day canoe and kayak trip down the Lehigh River. It was quite the event to organize, but a lot of fun and very rewarding to get people to experience and learn about the Lehigh River watershed firsthand.”

Napolitano took on the role of marketing coordinator in 2006 and helped open a 475,000 square foot outdoor lifestyle center. “This was another amazing role where I was introducing a new outdoor shopping experience to the Lehigh Valley, and as part of that we hosted a variety of outdoor events including an Annual Tree Lighting event,” she said.

Her tenure culminated as a corporate marketing director, where she collaborated closely with leasing and property management teams and helped orchestrate trade shows and conferences.

A period of introspection followed a corporate transition, leading Napolitano to seek a role that resonated with her personal and professional aspirations. “I was able to reset — who am I and what do I want to do with my career? When I saw this opportunity with Joshua Tree, it was very intriguing,” she said. “It felt like the perfect bridge between my past experiences and an exciting future.”

In particular, Napolitano says she was eager to try her hand at the franchise world. “This is a brand that is well known in the Lehigh Valley region, and they are on the cusp of major growth through franchising,” she said. “That was also very exciting for me. It reminded me of my previous roles where I worked with shopping centers throughout the country, but now it would be with franchisees across the country. That was a lightbulb moment for me.”

The Role Ahead: Marketing with a Mission

As the new Director of Marketing with Joshua Tree Experts, Napolitano says her role is multifaceted. She steps in with the goal of bolstering Joshua Tree's brand presence in the franchising space while also supporting local marketing efforts in the Lehigh Valley. 

“We are thinking through strategies and goal sets, making sure we are pivoting to get traction within our marketing program,” said Napolitano. 

A key aspect of Napolitano's role will be empowering franchisees, encouraging them to infuse local flavors into high-level marketing strategies. She advocates for building local relationships and leveraging digital strategies to maintain brand relevance and authenticity.

“The franchisees really know their community best,” said Napolitano. “While we can certainly give them guidance from a high level, we like owners to put their own spin on local grassroots marketing. It is all about giving franchisees the materials they need, both online and in their communities.”

Guiding Future Growth

Looking ahead, Napolitano envisions Joshua Tree's brand flourishing across the Northeast and beyond, with the ultimate goal of nationwide expansion.

“The mission is to help spread the word about the brand so we can open new locations across the country,” said Napolitano. “We want to see Joshua Tree signs up and down I-95! I am very excited to see this brand grow.”

Overall, Napolitano says she is most excited to join a team full of fun, smart and collaborative people. “I am very impressed with the culture of this company,” said Napolitano. “I really think that they are doing good work here in our community, and I am excited to help franchisees do that same work in other communities, as well.”

As it expands, Joshua Tree Experts continues to offer a robust support infrastructure that supports franchisees in building a low-cost, scalable business opportunity. With two territories recently awarded in New York and Pennsylvania, the franchisor is building out its system and targeting Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and Ohio for additional expansion. 

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