Joshua Tree Experts Sets Its Sights on Atlanta Metro; Looks to Add 15 Franchise Territories Throughout Georgia

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based tree care, pest control and lawn care franchise that has taken the green industry by storm, has its eyes set on The Peach State. With a unique trifecta of services bundled into a single formidable franchise system, the Joshua Tree Experts brand is set to expand its branches throughout Atlanta and its surrounding regions.

Why Georgia? Why Now?

Georgia's rich history, bustling metropolitan areas and sprawling greenery make it the ideal location for Joshua Tree Experts. The Atlanta Metro and Macon, in particular, have been singled out as immediate areas for targeted growth. 

According to a recent GbBIS report, the Atlanta metropolitan area features a population of over 4.6 million people, with over 1.1 million of those households owning a primary residence. Additionally, with over 500,000 households valued at over $300,000 and the average household net worth coming in at over $600,000, the city’s demographics are primed for Joshua Tree, which primarily caters to single-family homeowners with money to spend on home services. 

With approximately 15 viable territories throughout Georgia, Joshua Tree's projections for the state are ambitious and well-calculated: three units in the first year, six in the next three years, a full 10 within five years and a sold-out market in a decade. Joshua Tree Experts is still growing, so franchisees who join the network now will have a wide range of territories to choose from. 

"Atlanta is a city in constant growth, with a rich blend of cultures and a deep appreciation for its green spaces," said Joshua Malik, founder and CEO of Joshua Tree Experts. "We're beyond excited to bring our unique business model to this region, catering to its diverse needs and preserving its natural beauty."

Joshua Tree's Proposition for Atlanta

Joshua Tree Experts stands out in the booming home services space through a specialized business model, referred to as “The Joshua Tree Three,” which allows franchisees to capture an even larger share of the market than the average tree care franchise. 

Three distinct revenue streams — tree care, pest control and lawn care services — allow franchisees to market more services to a single client base, and this often leads to more revenue through repeat business. In fact, 60% of all franchisees’ sales come through recurring services.

Furthermore, incoming franchisees will benefit from the brand's dynamic marketing strategies, call center support for lead qualification and sales, and recruitment support for every position as they grow.

“Our early emergers gain unparalleled access to our experienced franchise team, ensuring every new unit's success from day one," Malik said. “I myself have over 30 years of industry experience and have been in the business 18 years. We are committed to providing franchise owners with everything they need to be successful in new markets like Georgia.”

How Joshua Tree Is Branching Out While Staying True to Its Roots

Each new Joshua Tree territory in Georgia is anticipated to generate 5-7 jobs in its inaugural year, significantly boosting the local economy. The team is looking to generate $250,000 profit per territory with an aggressive 120-day launch schedule.

"The potential in Georgia, especially in areas like Atlanta Metro and Macon, is palpable,” said Malik. "Atlanta's vibrant growth, coupled with its profound cultural and geographic significance, makes it an ideal hub for our services. As we embark on this journey, our commitment remains to not just serve, but to enhance the communities we become a part of."

For Joshua Tree, the expansion into Georgia is more than just business growth — it's about forging new relationships, enhancing landscapes and ensuring the well-being of the environment. 

“I’m never going to advocate for cutting down a tree unless that’s the last resort,” said Malik. “This philosophy is a huge differentiator for us within the industry. So many tree ‘care’ companies are not interested in preservation, and this is something we will continue to emphasize with franchisees to ensure we continue to stick out. Atlanta and Macon, prepare to witness the green industry's future with Joshua Tree Experts.”

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