Joshua Tree Experts Ends Q3 With Revenue Growth, New Franchisees and More in the Pipeline

Joshua Tree Experts, the emerging Pennsylvania-based tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control franchise, closed out the third quarter on a remarkable note. After signing its first two franchisees earlier this year, the first is already open in New York, and the team is working alongside its partners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to open soon. This isn’t all, though — interest in the brand continues to grow. The franchisor has more prospective owners in the pipeline as it continues working to expand, and its ever-growing revenue has seen yet another jump, up 10% from last quarter.

“This quarter has been our biggest quarter so far,” said Joshua Malik, founder and CEO of Joshua Tree Experts. “We recently launched our first franchise location in Middletown, New York, and that owner already has a full crew, including a crew leader, a tree climber and a groundsman, thanks to our in-house recruiting efforts.”

The New York franchisee, Carlos Lozano, began looking into the concept after he had trouble finding reliable local tree care businesses with great customer service. Now that he is operational, he will be providing much-needed services with an even better customer experience to his very own community.

Malik noted that, while the new franchisees are still in the early stages of their journey with the business, the progress they have made thus far is a strong testament to the model Joshua Tree Experts has built and just how well it supports franchisees.

“We have been working toward these signings and openings for over a year and a half, and they came through organically, which is something we are very happy about,” explained Malik. “The new franchisees are great — really family-driven and passionate, and they’ve selected prime markets.”

The Joshua Tree Experts team supported the New York opening with marketing, vendor relations development and even a push for direct mail, just one of the many support functions the brand offers for new franchisees.

As the network continues to grow, the corporate leadership team will apply the same expertise that drives the success of its own locations to new franchise openings to ensure local owners start off strong.

Recent trends in the brand’s revenue numbers demonstrate just this. While the concept offers a strong potential for return on investment, the team has once again driven impressive revenue, noting a 10% increase over the second quarter.

“This shows that our support works,” said Malik. “When we talk about franchisee support, we’re talking about sales efforts, marketing and assisting the franchisees with everything they need. Our own growth statistics show that the process is working, and this demonstrates that we can help franchisees get a backlog of work.”

A Mission to Enrich Lives through Tree Services

While 2023 has brought incredible occasions in the Joshua Tree Experts system, the brand is nowhere near done. As it works to continue expansion, Malik says that the team is excited to enrich lives through tree services.

“We’re riding the momentum we’ve built in the recent months, and we don't see it decreasing,” he explained. “There are more prospective franchisees in the pipeline, and the potential to sign multi-territory deals is also available, so we’re excited about what’s to come.”

After the Director of Franchise Development position was filled by the internal promotion of Dylan DeGroat and Tom Armstrong joined as Vice President of Operations, the corporate team is stronger than ever, prepared to continue providing top-notch franchisee support as it grows its network in Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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