How to Start a Tree-Cutting Business in 2024: 4 Steps

How to Start a Tree-Cutting Business in 2024: 4 Steps

There’s never been a better time to start a tree service business. At Joshua Tree Experts™, we’ve spent a lot of time in this industry, not only with trees but also with plant care, pest control, and lawn care services. We’re one of over 150,000 businesses in the tree-trimming services industry!

If you’re researching how to start a tree-cutting business, we’re happy to pass along advice and ideas to consider when exploring this business.

Step 1. Do Your Research

The most important resource you have in how to start a tree-cutting business will be your business plan – your guide to what it takes to launch and maintain a successful business. The first step in preparing your business plan is gathering pertinent information.

Joshua Tree Experts has been in the tree services business since 2019, and we know exactly what information you need for a solid business plan. Here are some areas you need to research:

  • Services you will offer and how much you will charge

  • Geographical region you will cover and why it supports your tree-cutting business

  • What your operation will entail in terms of equipment and people

  • Overview of the competitors in your targeted area

  • Funding you’ll need to get started, and additional money to cover operating costs in the beginning

Keep in mind that determining a pricing structure is no easy task, but there are some resources on how to start a tree removal business – including pricing. This Old House reports that the average tree removal cost is $657, and while dependent on several factors, it’s a reference point to base your income projections.

Step 2. Write a Business Plan

The first thing you need is a guide for your business plan to make sure you address the required details. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a template you can reference. Some additional information you will need to complete your business plan includes:

  • Legal structure of your business

  • List of your startup expenses

  • Business operations programs you plan to use (i.e. accounting, client scheduling, etc.)

  • Insurance quotes and permits required for your office location

  • Equipment you will need

  • Marketing and advertising plan

It’s important to note that your equipment needs will vary based on the size of the business you’re opening and how you plan to operate it. A tree trimming business has some key equipment needs: ladder(s), ropes, truck and trailer, saws, wood chippers, and personal protective gear (i.e. helmet, ear protection, eye protection, harnesses, etc.) Be sure to allocate enough equipment for all members of your workforce.

Step 3. Finance Your Business

Part of your business plan includes the financial estimates – a cash flow statement, break-even projections, and startup expenses – which provides you with the amount of money you will need to launch your business. Be sure to add in a line of additional funds that will allow you to cover your bills while you are building the business and gaining clients.

Now you need to decide how to fund your business. If you choose to borrow money, you may need to edit your financial pages to show the loan expense.

Step 4. Launch Your Business

With all the above completed, you’re ready to launch your business. Join a few networks (i.e. chamber of commerce, industry associations, horticultural society) to let others know what you’re doing so they can refer you. You should also seek opportunities to sub-contract with other professionals in the home services industry who could also refer you.

However, if all of this seems a bit overwhelming, and you’re not confident that you have a business plan that will lead you to a profitable outcome, there is another option – join the Joshua Tree Experts team. We’re now offering franchises.

How to Start a Tree-Cutting Business Franchise

A franchise is a business where all the groundwork for success is done for you, and which allows you to operate from a proven business model. At Joshua Tree Experts, we decided to offer franchise opportunities because we have a solid business model and plenty of industry experience. Our tree service franchise has multiple revenue streams and when you review our franchise disclosure document(FDD), you’ll see that our corporate gross sales were $7.1 million.

The Joshua Tree Experts Revenue Streams

When you become a franchisee, you will start a business that generates four revenue streams: general tree care, lawn care, pest control, and plant health care. This is how our offerings combine for a solid business that includes a mix of one-time and recurring services:

Service Percentage of Business Site Visits Per Line Gross Sales Per Visit
General tree care 42.0% 1.9 $1,171
Lawn care 41.6% 6.3  $120
Pest control 8% 5.0 $95
Plant health care 13.8% 3.3 $187

As a franchisee, we provide you with the training to perform this work, and marketing support to grow these lines of business so you can be part of the $34.5 billion tree services industry. Plus, you don’t even need previous industry experience to start and thrive in this business.

The Joshua Tree Experts Culture

When we decided to franchise, our entire corporate team was behind the idea. That means a lot to us because growing a good culture is one of the aspects of this business that we most treasure. It has always been important to us that we develop our team to reach the potential they choose to have in this business, whether they are tree-cutters, accountants, or franchise owners. When you take care of people, they take care of the business, and we’re living proof of that.

We welcome people who are already in the tree services industry and are looking to grow, and we love bringing people into the industry who have no experience at all. We provide training for all levels of experience and enthusiasm.

More on Joshua Tree Experts

If you’re interested in how to start a tree-cutting business, you might be very interested in the opportunity of becoming a franchisee with Joshua Tree Experts. We offer two franchise options that allow you to get started in this business right away.

Schedule a meeting with us and let’s have a conversation to see if your entrepreneurial goals are a match with our franchise opportunity.

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