7 Outdoor Business Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Being able to work outdoors is a dream for many people, especially for those looking for an opportunity to own a business. At Joshua Tree Experts, we work 100% of the time outdoors, so we can relate to the benefits it brings. However, if you’re looking for the best outdoor businesses to start, you need to value more than the workplace; a business also has to be profitable and marketable.

Outdoor Small Business Ideas to Consider

You can either work fully or partially outdoors in an outdoor business, so we have examples of both. Of course, we’re leading off with our own business – tree and plant care – because we know how awesome it is to do this work every day.

Here are some outdoor business ideas you might be thinking about and what you should evaluate.

Tree Removal & More

Joshua Tree Experts is a tree-removal business with value-added services. You can do this work whether the homeowner is present or not, which makes scheduling more efficient. As the services complement each other, you can share a customer from one service of the business to another. Our business model offers recurring revenue streams, a niche market, and appealing financials (just ask us!).

Tent Rentals

While this is an inventory-heavy business, the outdoor event rental industry is a way to work 100% outdoors. You rent out tents, chairs, tables, and other décor items, and then you and your crew set up and tear down the rentals before and after events. This business can be labor intensive at times, but you get to prepare for one-time special events that create lasting memories.

Pool Maintenance

Another outdoor business idea is pool services, although it might be a seasonal business (depending on where you’re located). Visit the backyards of homeowners who appreciate the maintenance, cleaning, and repairs you provide to make their lives easier. Plus, it’s a recurring revenue model.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is both an indoor and outdoor business idea, as companies usually offer both types of services. This is also a business with recurring revenue, as both residential and commercial property owners can sign on for scheduled services.


Roofing is obviously an outdoor business, but it is also one of the most labor-intensive jobs you can find. You need to know about roofing installations and roof structures, as well as carry strong vendor products. You can work in residential and commercial spaces in this business, but the challenge might be finding crew members.

Kids Sports and Camps

Hosting sports and camps for children can be both outdoors and indoors and could operate year-round.  You want to be familiar with the intricacies of working with children (i.e., background checks, safety, liability, etc.), but this can be an enjoyable way to spend your time, especially if you have children of your own. You may be able to lease facilities and equipment so you don’t need to carry inventory.

Handyman Services 

Oftentimes, people need a handyman to replace a rotten deck board, paint a fence, or remove junk from the storage shed. If you’re pretty good with general home maintenance skills, this might be an option. This is probably an owner-operator business, at least to start, which will give you first-hand knowledge of what services are most requested and what equipment you’ll need as you grow the business.

Start Your Business with Joshua Tree Experts 

Enjoying a business where you work outdoors needs to have potential for both profitability and growth. According to IBISWorld, tree trimming has grown due to higher levels of construction activity in the five years leading up to 2023. Industry revenue grew at a CAGR of 8.5%. They also noted only a small portion of establishments provide tree removal, so a Joshua Tree business provides a service that creates a niche in the marketplace.

Find Out More About Joshua Tree Experts

At Joshua Tree Experts, your tree service franchise offers general tree care, lawn care, pest control, and plant health care. While the first two services typically account for 83% of your revenue, pest control, and plant health care are good complementary services that can be suggested to your current list of clients. Our data shows that site visit frequency is significant in those areas, which can help boost your recurring revenues.

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