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With Over $7 Million in Sales in 2023, Joshua Tree Experts Proves to Be an Excellent Business Opportunity for High Net Worth Individuals

The scalable brand is on the cusp of major expansion.

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based home services franchise that provides Tree Care, Plant Health Care, Lawn Care and Pest Control, surpassed $7 million in sales in 2023.

Prospective franchisees will have the opportunity to get into the booming home services market while being early adopters of the growing company. And as Joshua Tree Experts aims to sell 35 units over the next two years, prospective franchisees have the chance to be a part of the brand’s major expansion.

“2023 was a great year at Joshua Tree Experts,” said Joshua Malik, founder and CEO. “We’ve seen improvements in our closing ratios and we’ve seen our average ticket job increase in size. We did some really effective marketing that gave us a lot of lead generation and a lot of opportunity to sell to our current customer base and also see some new customer acquisitions.”

The Three in One Model

Malik attributed a lot of the brand’s accomplishments to what is known as the “Joshua Tree Three.” After building out the internal team, infrastructure and customer base for nearly a decade, Joshua Tree Experts began to find new ways to service their loyal clients. The company organically expanded to offer lawn care services to clients as a direct result of customer demand and established lawn care as its own division in 2017. The addition was an immediate success, and in 2020, Joshua Tree Experts decided to expand its services once again with a pest control division.

“We have three services in one — tree care, lawn care, and pest control,” said Malik. “When we originally rolled out our new services, 70% to 80% of our established customers signed on for the add-ons. Best of all, 60% of our revenue is brought in through recurring revenue streams. We have a huge database of previous clients, and we’ll call, upsell and cross-sell, which really helps generate additional streams of revenue.”

To support expansion, Joshua Tree Experts also spent time working on its team over the past few years. The sales team spent a lot of time in training during 2022, while the brand appointed Matthew Spiece as General Manager.

“We built a really strong team and we did a lot of training over the last few years,” said Malik. “We invested a ton of time into training our production team members, which helped us become more efficient and effective out on the job site. We also supply them with the tools and equipment they need to be more efficient and more productive.”

Why Joshua Tree Experts Is a Great Fit for High Net Worth Individuals

For high net worth entrepreneurs looking for their next endeavor, Joshua Tree Experts is a great opportunity.

“It's a scalable business,” said Malik. “There's a lot of tax advantages with the equipment and the vehicles that we're purchasing. There's a lot of advantages in getting real estate. And you're offering three different services, so you can really penetrate the market in many different ways.”

Because franchisees are able to market one service to clients and then cross sell them on others, there is a unique value to the business. “You're always going to have a large asset in the business which is going to be your equipment, your vehicles, your tools or machinery,” said Malik. “When you start doing the secondary services of lawn care and pest control, you're going to have a large inventory of job materials. You're gonna build those vendor relationships and you're going to have a lot of assets.”

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Wealth Builders

How Much Does it Cost to be a Joshua Tree Experts Wealth Grower?

Cost Type
Defined Costs
Notes on Investment
Startup Investment
$460,669 to $597,460 - 1st Territory
Includes the $49,500 Initial Franchise Fee
Initial Franchise Fee
$49,500 - 1st Territory
Included in the Startup Investment range
On-going Royalty
6% - 3.5% of Gross Revenues
Paid Weekly
Brand Development Fund
1% of Gross Revenues

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