Tree Care Franchise Opportunities

Your Opportunity Awaits

Financial freedom and owning a successful business can seem like a lofty goal. You may not be sure how you can achieve this.

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own business, the tree care industry is a wonderful place to prosper. 

Since 2005, Joshua Tree Experts has developed processes and teams in multiple locations to become leaders in our markets. Now, we'd like to extend this same opportunity to you.

Franchises are only available in the United States. 


Is a Joshua Tree Experts Franchise Right for Me?

New to the Green Industry

For some, starting a tree care business is a completely new adventure. All that you know is that you love nature, the outdoors, and something about the industry seems intriguing to you.

Our team understands your curiosity. This industry is ripe with opportunities and even more abundant with fly-by-night contractors.

We will help you create a profitable business with an excellent reputation and develop the expertise you need to succeed. 

Tree Industry Professionals

Maybe you've been in the tree care industry for some time now. Perhaps you've learned a lot over the years regarding tree pruning and removal and plant health care. 

You may be at a crossroads. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream to have your very own tree care company. But you have concerns about whether or not you should go out on your own.

Your concerns are valid, but the good news is that the Joshua Tree Experts team has seen just about everything. We will guide you through all of the aspects of owning and running a successful business.

After all, when you win, we all win.


Landscaping Company Owners

As a landscaping contractor, you may have used a network of subcontractors or local partners to perform tree pruning and removal or plant health care treatments. 

Landscaping and tree care share a common industry, and we will help you plan for success. Our team has decades of experience and will help you create a tree care division and add services like lawn care and pest control in the years to come.

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