How to Sell Tree Work: 4 Tips for Success  (Total Landscape Care)

In this article, Founder, Joshua Malik outlines four crucial tips to growing a tree service, based on his 20 years of experience. 

Joshua Malik With Joshua Tree Experts (Business Radio X Podcast)

Listen to Joshua Malik discuss his background and reasoning for franchising his successful tree and lawn company.

From a Hellertown Garage to a National Franchise (Lehigh Valley Live)

In this premium new article, Joshua is interviewed about his experience growing his brand and starting to franchise. 

How Gardening Could Help Your Mentally and Financially. (69 News)

In this new segment, Joshua Malik, explains the benefits of adding trees and flowers to your landscape.


Promoting Safety in Your Tree Care Business (Total Landscape Care)

Joshua Malik gives tips on how to create an organization that embraces and prioritizes safety.

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